Do Rite Does it Rite in So Many Wayz

Blueberry Crumbcake, Cheese Danish and Dark Matter. Heaven on Earth.

I always love my morning walks downtown because it always inspires me to be a better person. What I mean by a better person is someone who eats donutz and has coffee powering their projects. The chefs at Peterino’s decided to make the little hole in he wall next to the Italian restaurant a perfect place to showcase some fried dough skillz and Do Rite does it Rite every time. They have many daily varieties like Valrhona Chocolate Cake Donuts, Buttermilk Old Fashioned, Double Chocolate Old Fashioned, Honey Glazed yeast Raised, Cinnamon Crunch Raised, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and a few vegan and gluten free options. They also do some seasonal and the Meyer Lemon Glaze with Pistachio is excellent.

I am reviewing the Blueberry Crumb Cake Donut and the Danish Cheese Donut because these are not usually donuts and I like cross overs. The Blueberry Crumb Cake was a great donut, but the blue berries were kind of an after thought. It was uber moist and the blueberries made it even more moist but didn’t add much flavor. It would have been nice to have a blueberry glaze, but the crumb cake style donut was already so flavorful it wouldn’t have been necessary. The lightness of this donut was was super as well.

The Cheese Danish is Cream Cheese Frosting on a yeast raised donut and I didn’t find a lot of differences between this and the yeast raised cinnamon donut. It was a super flavorful and light donut. It was almost weightless until that dollop of cream cheese frosting made it nice and heavy. Right now I am craving one as I sit in my downtown apartment wondering where my excessive carbs are. Maybe it’s time to walk down to Do Rite and have a treat before an appointment…


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