Firecakes Has Fire Cakes and Loud Espresso

I eat a donut just about every morning and it’s becoming an addiction of sortz. Now I should be doing reviews about all these sweets, but my life hasn’t exactly been sweet lately and donutz have been a form of drug for me. And I am quite easily obsessed with anything I touch literally. It’s called infatuation but I really do get obsessed with learning about stuff and like a baby, I put in in my mouth or it doesn’t go in my brain.

Now let’s talk about pastries for a minute or two. I have tried just about all the different varieties at Firecakes at the Hubbard location, but this one stands out because it so rich that I have to have it on a day that I know is going to challenge me. It’s my day off, well everyday is when yer unemployed. I woke up in a good mood and went to Mariano’s early for some OJ and a Banana. That turned into a bagel and cream cheese at New York Bagel and Deli on Dearborn which was okay, but they over loaded it with cream cheese so I didn’t want to review how I basically ate a half a pound of cream cheese on a whole wheat bagel. You know, because whole grain is better for you.  Geez guys, it’s cream cheese not kale. Could you schmear it on the bagel not just randomly throw a stick of cream cheese on one bagel.img_20160615_094657.jpg

The Hazelnut Long John with valrhona chocolate icing is tremendous in it’s flavor profile. It also has chocolate hazelnut cream on the inside. So it’s basically a sub sandwich of creamy goo. The lightness of the pasty combined with the cream is somehow not overly sweet or too heavy. When paired with espresso by La Colombe it’s perfect and I was in such a good mood after all the sugar I walked down Michigan avenue just beaming. Maybe it was all the sugar and caffeine in my system of the fact I had been up since 5 a.m. thinking about becoming a rapper even though I suck at it and don’t ever make anything else other than freestyle flows when I am alone.


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