Boeufhaus Delivers a Quality Sandwich for Lunch

I love sandwiches and since I grew up near a lot of wonderful Delicatessens, naturally Pastrami and Corned Beef are some of my favorites.  Boeufhaus of Humboldt Park is a French-German eatery and is very meat centric. Quality is the recipe and portions are appropriate.  The space is small but is well organized and well adorned with vintage accents to give the space a lot of character.  The space is somewhat dark during lunch, but at night it’s delightful and the lighting is well designed through out.

Short Rib Beignets
Short Rib Beignets

For Starters, we had to have the Short Rib Beignets with Aus Jus reduction.  These are essentially savory donuts.  I was very happy to start a meal with donuts and a cold unfiltered lager by Chestnut Zwickel. At lunch, you can order a sandwich and beer for $15.00. I had the Pastrami and my partner had The Reuben and Three Floyds  Yum Yum.  The Short Rid was awesome and the little puffs of pastry went well with the sauce.  The Pastrami sandwich had excellent bread that was nice and thin. It was grilled to golden on both sides and had caraway seeds that made the Pastrami taste even better. The potato chips and pickle were a nice side to the sandwich, but this is a very salty lunch over all.  I trade half of my Pastrami for the “Reuben”.  I am using quotes because it was on one inch thick Texas toast which I can’t stand because it’s way too thick. There wasn’t as much corned beef on the Reuben as there was Pastrami. The bread to meat ratio on the Reuben was all wrong although the taste was okay.  The beers washed down the salty fare so well, but I wish I had ordered a salad for something fresh.

Tender Pastrami
Tender Pastrami

For deli sandwiches I’ll probably stick to a Jewish Deli from now on just because I know that it will get done right and the meat portion will be huge so I can split it and get a soup or a cold day.  Boeufhaus is excellent quality and I’ll probably come back for dinner on a special occasion to try the steak.

The “Reuben” on Texas Toast

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