There Is Nothing Old School About Bristol Brewing Company in Colorado Springs…except the location.

Old School Y'all
Old School Y’all

Bristol Brewing Company of Colorado Springs is doing everything right at every turn.  The location is the Old Ivywild School and there is much more than just a brewery here. The on site bakery is The Old School Bakery.  You can get all types of breads and pastries on site here.  There is a bar, cafe, bakery and even a bike shop on the bottom floor. The brewery and tap room sit on the north end of the old Ivywild School.

I tried the flight since variety is the spice of life.  First was the Beehive Honey Wheat  which was clean and just slightly sweet.  Perfect for summer sipping’. Next was the seasonal  Yellow Kite Summer Pils.  It was a Pils with a good amount of body and not to bitter like some Pilsners.  The other beers in the flight were the flagships of Bristol Brewing.  After that came the Mass Transit Ale.  Super tasty and extremely drinkable. This beer would pair well with many different types of cuisine.  Then onto something slightly heavier in the Red Rocket Pale Ale. This was one of my favorites along with the Mass Transit.  Very Drinkable and would pair well with just about any meat or even vegetarian entrees. I am going back for food this week.  After that was one of the flagship beers that made Bristol Famous. Laughing Lab Scottish Ale was extremely tasty and had balance, body and drinkability. I see why this is on tap year round. After all that I ended with Compass IPA.  This is a super clean yet hoppy India Pale Ale that cleaned up the batting order here at Bristol. I could go on and on about this facility but you have to see it to believe it. It is a real masterpiece of a brewery and the tap room is second to none.  It’s adorned with bicycles and great memorabilia from tap handles to t shirts. Bristol Brewery is doing everything right in the golden age of craft brewing.  Come here and take some beers away. You won’t want to stop drinking.

flight@bristol brewing
flight@bristol brewing

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