Coffee and Donut$ with T. W. Foyer and Tony Donutz @ Amy’s Donut$ in Colroado Springs

My first dozen at Amy’s Donuts

The finest cuisine
The finest cuisine

As you all probably know I have thing for doughnuts. I don’t know why it’s spelled two ways. Personally I like donutz or Dohnuts as an homage to the all time biggest doughnut whore. No wait, that’s me. Homer Simpson isn’t real. Or is he? Okay, enough with the existential non sense. (This Kosher Kush is kicking my butt!)

Amy’s Donuts are what I call designer donut$.  They come in about 100 plus flavors on a daily basis and the quality is very HIGH considering the amount of selection. I don’t suggest taking many home as they get dry easily. This is most likely because they don’t use dough softeners to keep everything soft.  There are flavors for everyone and the non donut$ are amazing as well. I sampled an apple fritter that was out of this world. These toppings are made from everyday things like cereal and for some this is not real artistry, but I disagree.  When you offer over 100 flavors everyday you are not making every single icing in house.

 All the flavors that I tasted were fresh and well though out.  For starters I had a caramel apple donut with peanut butter.  Super rich decadent but the donut was light and fluffy.  The blueberry cake donut had perfect density and was not overly sweet.  Orange creamsicle is a summer treat that brings you back to your child hood so I had to try that.  It tasted exactly like an orange creamsicle…maybe it’s just the weed.  After that I split a pistachio donut with my dad.  He said he had never tried  this.  It tasted as sexy as it looked and then I had to take a little break. Over the next few days I ate the remainder of our dozen…yes, I have a problem.  I chocolate with fresh strawberries was dried out by the second day, but still enjoyable.  Chocolate with shaved almonds was so good and the almond crunch and fat profile matched the chocolate icing perfectly.  The next up was the peanut banana chocolate. You can’t lose with this trinity of fatty goodness.  The peanut, pretzel chocolate peanut butter also delivered in the salty sweet arena.  This was similar to the Elvis which had peanut butter, bacon, banana and chocolate.  So decadent, but truthfully I could eat a ham sandwich with this as the bread and be totally content.  The pbnj was like a pbnj, meh.  The strawberry crunch bubble thing was weird. It was a bunch of strawberry  candies on a donut. I thought it would be gross and it was.  Not my favorite for sure but still a nice experience for mouth feel. The candy goes so well atop these pillowy donuts.

These donuts are by far my favorite style.  So many donuts now are weighed down by ingredients that unless you flavor all your batter, it just ends up being too much.  Amy’s understand when you put Cocoa puffs and peanut butter on top of fried batter, maybe your doughnut shouldn’t feel like a brick with some icing on it. I was going to take a lot of pretty pictures, but I got really medicated and ate the donuts with abandon.  Look at the pics or just come to Colorado Springs or Pueblo and eat some awesome donuts. Thanks Amy.


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