The Aftermath of My First Hit and Run Accident.

I recently had the fortune of being hit by an automobile and injured. It sounds crazy but I feel like it has changed my perspective on life and made me more humble.  Initially I thought that anger would dominate my feelings about the situation.  After realizing it was a freak accident it was easier to accept the fact this happens all the time and I got lucky.  My ribs were bruised and my wrist was broken. My spirit has been stronger since then and I feel invigorated with youth again. It has slowed me down a little, but I feel like I can accomplish just about anything now. Enjoy this picture.wpid-img_20150629_070718.jpg

A multicolored bruise on the side of my thigh was a reminder that its okay to be a little chunky in the legs. If I had been stick thin I would have probably snapped my femur. Luckily all I had was a Braxton fracture of the wrist and will be done in less than 6 weeks altogether. Wearing my helmet saved me and I know this by the cut right between my eyes. I could have had an eye taken out or a concussion and I got neither.  Coughing and sneezing is very painful.  Luckily I am in Colorado now and can obtain some great medicine at the local dispensaries.  The medibles and concentrates are extremely effective at pain management and allow me not to have any strain on my lungs.  My Dr. did advise me to quit smoking so I just use and Ice bong, vape pen or edibles. I have gone swimming though at Mamby on the Beach and got my cast a little wet. I smuggled in some Sharpies on Sunday and had people sign my cast.

 Thanks to all the peeps @ Mamby on the Beach who had the courage to sign my stinky cast.
Thanks to all the peeps @ Mamby on the Beach who had the courage to sign my stinky cast.
Robot bandaids
Robot bandaids
gross wrist bruises
gross wrist bruises

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