Luella’s Southern Kitchen Delivers Quality and Quantity.

Breakfast of Champions..and Tony Donutz. The Shrimp and Grits, hot sauce and Corsica  Blend from La Columbe.
Breakfast of Champions..and Tony Donutz. The Shrimp and Grits, hot sauce and Corsica Blend from La Columbe.

All my life I have been a food lover and nothing captures Americana like southern cooking. Whether it’s BBQ from the Carolinas or Creole from Louisiana, rich flavors dominate over presentation with great results. Luella’s Southern Kitchen in Lincoln Square is delivering some of the highest quality food around at slightly higher than average prices. The upside is the quality is top notch. You can tell that nothing comes from a freezer here. The chef pays lots of attention to the quality of ingredients used in all the dishes here.  I ordered the shrimp and grits because I have always loved the way seafood Marys with the creaminess of grits.  These grits were particularly course but extremely creamy at the same time almost like a rich polenta.  The Gulf shrimp were huge and I think there were six in the entire bowl which was plenty.  The creole seasoning in the grits and shrimp was absolutely spot on.  The amount of seasoning was just right to compliment the flavor of the grits without overpowering them or the flavor of the shrimp.  The shrimp was cooked just right and the micro greens on top added a nice pop of Herb flavor to round out the savoriness in the grits.  I am used to a more tomatoey sauce for the shrimp and a finer cut of grits but this time the course or grits and larger shrimp with a more buttery sauce was much more desirable.  Their herbs made The dish taste fresh and I had a just a little bit of hot sauce for a touch of acidity and heat.  The Columbe coffee was a great pairing although it would have been nice to have a glass of chilled white wine. The atmosphere wasn’t the greatest.  There were any fans in the entire dining room which made it feel a little bit stuffy and since everything has such a hard surface the acoustics were not very good either.  This place is a pretty good value considering you spend about $20 on a high-end entrée and a beverage.  You don’t necessarily have to overly took the server cause you have to order upfront so that’s nice.  Next time I am definitely getting the chicken and waffles.  And for dessert of course the Beignets because I just have to have a donut.


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