Chicago families ditch the car for 2 wheels


I went for a ride to a job interview today in Avondale. Now let’s say the interview didn’t go too well but on the way back I noticed some wonderful things as I was riding around Chicago. There is a new wild like habitat installation at Montrose and the Chicago River. The installation has been built along the river bank for all types of wildlife including migratory birds and fish as well as ducks. This is quite a nice respite from all the new construction that is going up all over Chicago and it’s nice to see that there is still respect for nature in an urban setting. I also noticed that there were plenty of people riding around on bikes instead of using cars to get their kids around town. On Ravenswood I spotted a man and his son on a tandem bicycle that was modified for different height riders. On Ravenswood a mom with her three children enjoyed the sunny day on a bakfiet. She did not need a car to get the kids around town and said that she prefers to ride around in her “stuffed” bike. When I turned around to follow the father and son team again we encountered a driver who did not indicate a turn on Bryn Mawr and Clark. Otherwise the father and son seemed cheery and the father said that he picks up his son everyday and drops him off at school by bicycle. They said that they own a car but that they almost never use it. This proves that you really don’t need a car in the city to get your family around town. I choosing a nice clean alternate is he not only get exercise these congestion and put a smile on your kids faces. Look at the kid in the picture on the tandem. He’s super happy and the kids that were in the bakfiet we’re super psyched about getting to ride with mom.




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