Dinkels has classic donuts for simple tastes


Sometimes you just want a donut. You are not looking for something seasonal, organic or hip. Dinkels has been making baked goods since 1922 and it shows. Everything here is made with care from the breads to the sweet pastries. Custom order cakes are a specialty here and Dinkels has now expanded into a full service lunch counter with freshly made sandwiches. Back to the donuts. I always stop here for a sweet pastry whenever I pass through. Years ago I lived in Northcenter and would ride the Lincoln corridor on a regular basis. Today I decided on three pastries to share with my lady. She likes a cheese danish, but Dinkels doesn’t offer that. So instead I decided a cheese Kolacky was a better choice. The cheese bear claw barely has any cheese at Dinkels and it is mostly powdered sugar and pastry. The Kolacky here is a nod to eastern European recipes. The cheese filling is not overly sweet and since there is no sickly sweet icing, the pastry dough is delightful and not to indulgent. The two doughnuts I got are classic and simple with two components. One is a classic chocolate doughnut consisting of a perfectly fried cake doughnut with chocolate frosting that is glossy, not sugary but mildly sweet and bountiful in cocoa flavor. The second doughnut is a cinnamon doughnut. It smells like it was just made and falls apart it is so moist. The cinnamon sugar on the outside melts when it hits your tongue. The only thing I am missing here is a cup of coffee. Other than I am in heaven and Dinkels always hits the spot for under a few bucks a pop. Trendy artisanal doughnuts might be in right now but some things never go out of style such as Dinkels. They have been doing business for almost a century and will most likely be around when the hipsters move to the next cool city to gentrify Latino neighborhoods and make IPA reductions for quinoa and kale flavored doughnuts. My dentist thanks you Dinkels.


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