Green St. Smoked Meats is doing BBQ the way it should be.

The Dining Room@Green St Smoked Meats
The Dining Room@Green St Smoked Meats

Last night I had the privilege of enjoying some bbq with my girlfriend and her newly engaged friend. We headed down to Green St. Smoked Meats to enjoy some of their offerings. The format here is pretty simple. Get in line, order meats, order sides, get the drinks and sit at a picnic table. I usually do not like this format, but here it works and I don’t have to tip a dumb ass hipster to ignore me while he checks his Instagram account. The prices here are exceptionally high for BBQ, but that is to be expected from the Hogsalt Restaurant Group which also runs High 5 Ramen and The Doughnut Vault among other spots. The meat here is very high quality and the guys behind the counter are truly entertaining. We got 2 smoked chicken legs, half pound brisket and pulled pork, hot link, sweet pickles, macaroni salad, broccoli salad, spicy pickles and off course…white bread. The chicken legs were so juicy and tender. The smoke flavor permeates the meat and the skin is nice a firm, not rubbery. The hot link wasn’t as spicy as I expected, but still had great fat content and lots of pork flavor. The casing was just right and the hot link had a nice snap to it. The brisket was extremely moist and tender and had lots of marbling which added great flavor to the meat. The burnt ends were a nice treat as well. The pulled pork was really cooked down and fall apart tender. They had three sauce options but to be honest I didn’t really need any because all the meat had so much flavor. The sides were really decent too. The broccoli salad was decent and slightly sweet with herbal undertones. The raisins were a nice touch too. Macaroni salad wasn’t my favorite and was fairly bland. The sweet pickles were just okay and didn’t have much flavor. The Butternut white bread was well, white bread. Now to the dranks. I had the Local Option Maibock. It was really decent, but at $7.00 was really pushing it for beer prices. My girlfriend loves her mezcal and tequila and she ordered the Oaxacan Gold Old Fashioned. It has mezcal, tequila and some bitters. Great mescal and tequila flavor were very upfront and the drink had the right amount of citrus oil. The bartender really took his time and I appreciate that. We went on a Tuesday night and didn’t have to wait very long. I would probably avoid going here over the weekend, but would eat here again for the high quality meats and high end cocktails. Thanks Green St. Smoked Meats.


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