Doughnut Vault Van Delivers the Goods @ Green City Market

Donut Picnic
Donut Picnic

My favorite treat is obviously doughnuts and the quintessential doughnuts of today are being made by  The Doughnut Vault. There are two brick and mortar locations on Franklin and Canal as well as an Antique Van that delivers to the public at spots all over the city. The wait for these fried treats are worth it and the flavors are not over whelming or excessive. The special on Saturday at the Market was Chocolate Coconut. The coconut shred was toasted and not overly sweet which was nice. The icing was not overly sweet either and and cake doughnut had the perfect doughnut trifecta: crispy outside, soft inside and not crumbly or dry. The doughnut simply lacked tons of coconut flavor. Coconut is more of an accent to the chocolate here, not the other way around.  Then next doughnut I tried was the Classic Pistachio which is a standard on the menu. It has a nicely applied neon green glaze with a crunchy topping that isn’t quite nuts, but has a bit of crunch. The doughnut is light and airy with hints of sweetness. I was hoping for crushed pistachios all over the top, but that wasn’t necessary although I wish the icing had more nut flavor.  Since I love lemon poppy seed cake I gave the Lemon Poppy Seed Doughnut a try. The level of sweetness on this doughnut was way too high. The icing was overly sweet and the doughnut itself was way too sweet. The lemon flavor was very intense which I enjoyed, but being hit over the head with sickly sweetness killed it for me on this one. The last doughnut was the Triple Chocolate. Chocolate cake doughnut iced in chocolate with chocolate sprinkles. Somehow The Doughnut Vault has managed to make a Triple Chocolate doughnut that is not overly sweet. The cake doughnut is chocolatey without being cloying. The icing sits on top of the doughnut perfectly which I like about these doughnuts. They are designed to let the toppings sit on top instead of just rolling over the side. The sprinkles add crunch and a touch of sweetness to the overall sugar level. This doughnut is a 9/10 for indulgence. The Doughnut Vault has really hit the mark with quality fried dough rings for only $2 which is a great price point considering some of the other bakeries in town are charging upwards of $4 for a single pastry. I can’t wait to try all the other flavors that come out this summer.


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