Hell On Earth Burger Melts My Expectations

In Evanston there is a very small but popular place called Wiener and Still Champion to get hot dogs, burgers and a slew of other greasy treats from the deep fryer including fried gravy. Tonight I had the Hell On Earth Burger covered in spicy sauce, a mountain of fried jalapenos, Merkts cheddar spread all atop a perfect beef patty cooked medium. That sits on a bed of onion and a little mustard. The fries are cooked perfectly and I always get a side of mayo, a throwback from days in Holland. The heat from the spicy sauce takes a while to build heat, but soon I am scrambling for salty fries doused in mayo. Dr. Pepper you can’t save me now. Each bite makes the heat more intense but the meat is tender and the fries are golden hand cut little crisps of starchy goodness. There is no way I can eat all the fried jalapenos on this burger, but I try and fail. Wiener and Still Champion has some of the best food anywhere. This cozy spot is soon to be moving to the financial district according to the owner. Last time I had the Fried Chili burger and it was so delicious and decadent. You can get fried Nutella for dessert. Make sure to get here early if you want the poutine because Gus is only making small batches before the move downtown.


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